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Dock Equipment

We install and service a wide category of dock equipment.

Dock Levelers

Loading dock levelers easily attach to the steel nosing of an existing dock, saving valuable dock loading space; no concrete work or pit necessary. Edge of dock levelers have 5" upward and 5" downward working range. A full 15" lip projects 12" beyond bumper. These dock levelers are made with a high strength 3/8" steel safety plate and heavy-duty hinges. Loading dock levelers automatically release and return to stored position when truck exits. Supplied with two 12" x 14" molded rubber bumpers and reinforced mounting blocks. Options include:

  • Mechanical Dock Levelers - have a counter-balanced extension spring lift that ensures one person, one hand operation. Includes 41"L Steel Hook to facilitate opening of leveler.
  • Powered Dock Levelers - feature a push button control that operates 115V 1/2 HP motor which raises and lowers, extends and retracts hydraulic dock leveler for easy operation. Independent hydraulic cylinders on both lip and center plate provide smooth descent control.

Pit Mount Dock Levelers

Allowing easy loading and unloading of trucks, these dock levelers are installed in a concrete pit. Heavy duty steel offers 1/4” thick treadplate deck and 16”H lip. Loading dock levelers include two laminated bumpers. Service range is 12” above and below dock.

  • Mechanical Dock Levelers are engineered and designed for minimal maintenance. Pull-chain activates spring assisted lift.
  • Hydraulic Dock Leveler offers simple operation with the push of a button for high usage docks. These powered dock lifts have an electrically activated hydraulic pump that raises deck. 16” lip automatically extends to allow deck to descend onto trailer. When truck pulls away, the deck descends to the full down position, trips the limit switch and returns automatically to the level support cross-traffic position. Electric dock leveler include control box with emergency stop button. Available in 115/208/230V 1 phase or 208/230/460V 3 phase power.

Truck/Vehicle Restraints

It happens at the best of loading docks. Vehicle creep. Unscheduled truck departures. Careless parking. In a busy shipping area, there can be up to 100 opportunities per day, per single loading dock, for the most serious forklift mishap to occur. Truck restraints reduce the risks of costly equipment damage and physical injury while increasing productivity.

Dock Seals

Dock seals provide a weather tight seal between your building and trucks or trailers. Available with a fixed header or with a curtain header (fixed or rope pull up) for oversized door heights.

Features include:

  • Maximum energy savings - weather tight enclosure
  • 100% lock-stitched seams - double stitched seams on Wear Pleat models
  • All models use highest grade of materials available
  • Available in a variety of fabrics - from light to heavy duty
  • Hybrid design head curtain with foam layer (4" or 1") on curtain plus extra fabric cover (optional)
  • Custom design available for special sealing needs

Dock Shelters

Our dock door shelters are recommended for use on larger doorways and for applications where accommodation of various types and sizes of trucks is required. Designed to service a wide variety of truck widths and heights, our dock door shelters are recommended for doorway sizes up to 12' W x 12' H. Constructed of lumber head and side frames, foam-filled bottom draft cushions, and protective steel channel bumpers. Our dock door shelters are built for a long lifespan in heavy-duty environments. Features include:

  • Maximum energy savings - weather tight enclosure
  • All models use highest grade of materials available
  • Available in a variety of fabrics - from light to heavy duty
  • Custom design available for special sealing needs
  • Most effective for doors of oversize height
  • Rope pull-up (optional)
  • Raked cut header on all rigid wood frame models allows for water runoff
  • Side and top curtain wiper action allows for full access to rear of truck
  • Automatic variable truck height coverage from 11' to 13'-6"
  • Heavy duty structural channel bumpers for protection and support

Track Guards

It happens at the worst time… it’s 10 minutes to closing time on Friday and your forklift just smashed the overhead door track at your loading dock and now you can’t close the door. Track Guards protect garage door track from damaging impacts from vehicles and fork lifts They are available in height sizes of 24", 36", & 48" and come in Safety Yellow (Standard) and in weight ranges from 53 - 106 lbs.

Strip Doors & Curtains

Strip Doors and curtains are an economical and convenient option to isolate rooms or warehouse areas from heat, cold, or dust. Strip Doors are constructed of clear PVC strip material that is designed for use in most industrial applications, or in doorways at ambient temperatures with personnel, cart, lift truck or vehicular traffic. Clear strip material is available in 4", 6", 8", 12" 16" and 48" widths.

USDA Strip Door Kits - Clear pvc strips are formulated to remain pliable in food service freezer temperatures; also for use in areas where USDA approved material is required. Our Low temperature nylon reinforced strips are available in widths of; 6", 8" and 12" for use in freezers subjected to heavy personnel, hand truck or fork lift traffic.

Ribbed Strip Door Kits - Ribbed clear strip material is great for loading bays and docks where forklift traffic is used. The ribbed strip material protects the clarity of the door by absorbing most of the scratches and un-appealing marks that freight and equipment can cause. Loading Dock Supply offers ribbed clear pvc material in 8", 12" and 16" widths.