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Your garage door is an important part of your home or building and a system you rely on. Rely on us to make sure it’s functioning at optimal safety and efficiency. Count on us for world-class service on virtually every make or model of residential or commercial door or opener, as well as commercial dock levelers, dock seals, truck restraints and much more. Our trucks are well equipped and well stocked. We are usually available for same day service and can complete a repair in one trip.

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Common Repair Problems

We have seen just about everything! Here are a few of the more common repairs we handle.

Broken Springs

Broken springs are our most common repair. All garage door springs break, just like the tires wear out on your car. A garage door should be neutrally balanced. Even very heavy doors should be able to be opened and closed with one hand. In order for this to occur, the spring must be rated for the specific weight and height of your door. An unbalanced door can be dangerous and cause extra wear and tear on the garage door opener, as well as damage the top of the door where the opener arm attaches. Spring replacement should be performed by trained professionals. We will weigh your door, calculate the proper spring, and custom make the spring onsite for no more than what other companies charge to just throw on whatever they happen to have on their truck. Call us and one of our skilled technicians will get the job done safely and quickly.

Broken Cables/Cable Off the Drum

Our second most common repair is a thrown cable. This is when one of the cables is off the drum and that end of the door drops and sometime rollers will come out of the track. It's usually not as bad as it looks if you leave it alone. People often panic and want to secure their garage so they force the door closed. Please don't do this! When left alone, a thrown cable is an easy fix for a professional. If you force the door down, you will make it much worse, requiring parts or occasionally the whole door to be replaced, or worse... you could cause an injury. We can reset your springs and cables and get the door back on track, working good as new or even better.

Bent or Damaged Sections

We can repair or replace your bent or damaged sections regardless of manufacturer.

Attention. Beware of Scammers! Trust is key when choosing a garage door repair professional. When you work with Elite Garage Door Service, Inc., you can expect our trucks to be clearly marked and our employees uniformed. Learn more about how to detect a scammer when you call for garage door service. 

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Elite Garage Door Service, Inc. is the Carolinas’ premier source for residential and commercial garage doors, garage door openers, and dock equipment.

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